Product T-701

Model: BBR Vest    Product Name: Ballistic Inflatable Lifejacket

Specially designed for Journalists, TV Crews & Photographers who work or visit hostile environments where ballistic and fragmentation threats exists. With a level III or IV insert, this system will stop 7.62 NATO and AK47 rounds.

Standard Features:

Detachable 250 X 70 mm Velcro Badges worded “PRESS” or  “TV CREW”.

Pockets for GSM and Notebook.

Removable Ballistic Collar.

Adjustable straps provide a firm and comfortable fit.

Easy-care and machine-washable outer shell

Removable ballistic panels.

Available in black.


Standard sizes: XSmall – XXXXXLarge.

Made to Measure.

Threat Levels:

NIJ-3A (Standard NIJ 0101.04 - .06).

Level 1 (24jl. Stab Resistant, NIJ Standard 0115.00)

Level 2 (33jl. Stab Resistant, NIJ Standard 0115.00)

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