Product C-301

Model: BBR Vest    Product Name: Ballistic Inflatable Lifejacket

Bulletproof Wear’s concealable vests are made to be one of the lightest, softest, and most durable vests in the market today. It is ideal for both covert police work, cash carrying duties, foreign aid workers and anyone who considers themselves to be potentially at risk. With a maximum comfort and flexibility it offers full front, back and side protection.

Standard Features:

Adjustable straps provide a firm and comfortable fit.

Easy-care and machine-washable outer shell.

Removable ballistic panels.

Available in black, white and navy blue color.


Standard sizes: XSmall – XXXXXLarge.

Made to Measure.

Threat Levels:

NIJ-3A (Standard NIJ 0101.04 - .06).

Level 1 (24jl. Stab Resistant, NIJ Standard 0115.00)

Level 2 (33jl. Stab Resistant, NIJ Standard 0115.00)

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